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Dragline 3QS010

Three questions for Jimmy Feudale – Episode 010

  • I know that you used to use the tagline “Pure Rock Fury” for your band, and I feel like it is a pretty good description for your band. How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you yet?
  • Recently, I was flipping through my social studies teacher’s manual and found a photo that looked exactly like my college roommate. If I were to find a picture of a time traveling member of DRAGLINE, what historical event would the photo be with and why?
  • What is it that you like and dislike about the Pittsburgh Music Scene and what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of it as opposed to a more musical city like Nashville, LA, or New York; what do you find special about opposed to any other music scene out there? – Asked by Doug Carnahan on Episode 009

The Song: She Put the Devil in Me

The song is about Temptation and giving in to it.


Band Location: Leechburg, PA USA
Band Genre: Rock / Metal / Punk Rock

DRAGLINE was born out of the fiery remains of what once was the Midnight Plowboys. The Plowboys had Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins style rockabilly riffs along with some southern rock influence. This has carried over into DRAGLINE’s sound, although now, there’s an edge that has been added to it, with some Motorhead influence and metal riffs being tossed around. The line-up consisted of: Jimmy-Lead guitar & vox, Mike-Bass guitar & backing vox, and Jay on drums. DRAGLINE is proud to play an all original set, yet has no problem dropping in some David Allen Coe, Johnny Cash, or yes, even Motorhead. Their sound is a basic power trio. Their style consists of “bar-room” rock ‘n’ roll, punk rock, metal, and even some rockabilly floating around in there somewhere. Their ideology is “just play, have a good time, and most importantly put on a good show” They do everything from benefits to bike nights. Whether it’s doing a backyard BBQ or playing at a local bar, the boys in DRAGLINE just wanna play. Grab yourself a cold beer and check them out…you won’t be disappointed!

Find Dragline online:

“The Fight” by After the Fall

Review: Corbriwoodstock & A Concert for Anna – 10 years!

On September 3, 2017, I left my house with the intention of hanging out with John “The American Hilljack” Lane & Johnny “The Real John” Lane at Corbriwoodstock. This was mine and the Hilljack’s second visit to Cobriwoodstock in as many years. The show is in its tenth year! It is an amazing show with such a great back drop and line up. This isn’t my normal haunt. The show features more of a bluesy vibe. It is a relaxing and welcoming venue which features a backyard stage, flowers from Mt. Vernon, vendors, a great host (John Vento), and 97.7 FM’s Rock Done Right Tour. We arrived slightly later due to a picnic and a flat tire on the way there, but once we were there we were in heaven. We witnessed sets by Samantha Sears, The Compradres, Folkhammer, The B-men, Tina Daniels & Company, & The Nied’s Hotel Band. The show is a benefit for Allegheny CleanWays. Allegheny CleanWays is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2000 to “engage and empower people to eliminate illegal dumping and littering in Allegheny County.”

We left Cobriwoodstock at about 9pm and headed to the Quality Inn Tarentum to catch the last 3 sets of the night of the third day of A Concert for Anna, also celebrating its tenth year.

In April 2008, Anna Lee Piroch was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The original Concert For Anna was put together by the local music community, of which Anna was an avid fan, as a way to help her pay her bills while she was unable to work as she battled the disease. Anna knew of the show to be held for her over Labor Day weekend 2008, and looked forward to attending.

Sadly, in August 2008, Anna succumbed to the disease… But the music community would not let her spirit die. They came together in an incredibly moving act of kindness and held the show in her honor. When all was said and done, 17 bands had graced the stage that weekend, as well as numerous local businesses donating prizes, etc., and paid for Anna’s funeral expenses.

That spirit of generosity and kindness in our local music community lives on in honor of our lost sister Anna, as a continual way to help others in our area in her name. Please help us every Labor Day weekend as we make a difference in someone’s life and ease the struggle that unfortunate circumstances can bring.

We caught a partial set from Here and Now, After the Fall, & Creep. My cellphone had died and I left my camera in the car, so no pictures from this show. Here and Now is a great acoustic rock cover band featuring veteran scene musicians. After the Fall was up next, they are one of the top bands in our scene and didn’t disappoint. They played a few covers but hit us hard with their originals. Last on the bill was Creep. A band that I had never seen live and had been at the top of my wishlist. They were everything I had hoped for and more. They also had some surprises up their sleeves with a visit from Mark Lux, an announcement that they had sold out of their EP Lesson 3, and they let slip that they’re going to start working on a new album! If you want to get a digital copy of Lesson 3, you can do so by listening to Episode 325 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Both events are worth your donation to their causes and provide great lineups of music. As the time of this article, you have 364 days to get your ticket for next year! Don’t miss the 11th installment of both events! It takes a little time management, but you can definitely hit both shows on Sunday as we did. Keep in mind that A Concert for Anna is a 3 day event!

The Art of Being a Front Man PYS003

Doug Carnahan of After the Fall comes on episode #3 of Podcast your Scene: Throwdown to join Bill, Brian, and John and discuss what it is like to be a front man. Bill asked the boys the following questions:

  • Are the monitors really always as bad as you guys think they are on stage?
  • How would you have handled the situation that Mariah Carey was in on New Year’s Eve?
  • When did you know you wanted to sing in a rock band, and why?
  • In each of your eyes, what do you believe it takes to be the front man of a rock band?
  • Have you ever made a decision to do a stunt on stage that you realize that maybe you shouldn’t have done that and lost your place in the song?
  • Do you have any embarrassing stories from you time in bands?
  • What is your favorite part about being in the spotlight and being the front man of your band?
  • If there was one thing that you wanted your fans to know, what would it be?

The guys told some very interesting road stories, as well as, information from each of their respective backgrounds. At one point, they talk about finding the correct woman that understands what you have to be as a front man to be able to keep your personal and band relationships in check.

The guys also talked little bit about their respective scenes.

We also did a little bit of a biography of Tony Marinacci which will lead us into next month’s episode of Podcast Your Scene: Throwdown, where we will be talking about the state of local entertainment. This was an annual thing that Tony wrote for his website.

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