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Jana Lee Macheca, a.k.a, Lady Jaye, is a writer, professional music photographer and the owner of First Angel Media, which focuses on bringing the emotion of music to it's fans through articles and photos. The company has local, national, and international aspects. Working as editor and photographer for Chimera Magazine, a fast growing online publication that focuses on National and regional names, she is able to bring attention to our area bands in a unique way. Whether working with bands as a PR rep, heading up groups designed to help Pittsburgh's local music scene, or any other of the many projects she's involved in, she tries to bring a positive and passionate approach to the Pittsburgh Music Scene.

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye 008 – Stone Cold Killer

Lady Jaye sits down with Stone Cold Killer and discusses all the things going on in their world – Nomination for best Metal Band in the Pittsburgh City Paper, a recent tour, a summer full of shows and throwing around t-shirt ideas like there’s no tomorrow… or sleeves! A very fun episode with the whole band!!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye – MaxXout keeps it real with explosions, guitar riffs and… an all meat diet??

Talking with members of Maxxout I got to find out some interesting facts about them and have a TON of fun, talk about the near future, give you a taste of some of their music and yes, the Ketosis Diet and… wiffle ball… these guys are a riot!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye 006 – Neverwake

A chat with Justin Sanford of Neverwake, they’re heading into the studio soon, have several dates lined up for shows and a recent video release! Listen in to get all the details!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye featuring Jazz Byers Episode 005

Lady Jaye has a chat with Jazz Byers, owner of Rattle Clack Entertainment and member of the bands Homicide Black, Half Wheel and Nighthunter. Learn more about Pittsburgh’s own jet-setting music maker as they talk about how it all started, fun stories and his travels.

Concert Calendar 5/11-5/19

This is Lady Jaye bringing you the Build The Scene Concert Calendar for May 11-19, 2018 brought to you by

on May 11th Doppler Affect will be at the White Star in Freeport PA
on may 12th Homicide Black, Big Atlantic, Winter’s Descent and many more will be playing the Millvale Music Festival for a complete lineup visit
Also on May 12th After the Fall, skell, and East End will be at Peter B’s in Sarver for the Cabin Fever Bash.

Sourmash will be at Jergels opening for David Allan Coe on May 18th and at the Cool Water Saloon in Apollo on the 19th

also on the 19th Dragline will be at McGarvey’s in Altoona and Twisted Fate will be at the Shafton Fire Company in Irwin

For more info on these concerts and others that’s Build the Scene . com Pittsburgh’s Music Destination.

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode 004

Lady Jaye is joined by Anthony Leone of SiLK9 who gives the scoop on their recent show at Stage AE, the rumor of a tour, and a little background on some of those cool events he and the guys have put together!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye guest: Big Atlantic #003

Lady Jaye sat down with Big Atlantic members Lee Caruso Jr and Nick Hufnagel to talk about their upcoming Millvale show, the live video that they’ll be releasing from that show and the new, rather personal, acoustic album they’re currently working on “Opened Book”.

Winter’s Decent Episode 002

This week on Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye, she sits down with members of Winter’s Descent to talk about recent and upcoming shows, hitting the studio and a surprise announcement about something new for the Pittsburgh Music Scene.

Pilot Episode 001

A brief introduction from Lady Jaye and her new podcast Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye

Dieselbeast – Self titled album review

    Dieselbeast is a heavy metal band out of Denton, Tx – and when I say Heavy Metal, this is the unapologetic classic sound of Heavy Metal from the days when sorcery and metal mixed! Chris Morehead has the right kind of vocals to pull off the sound of their self titled CD, that mix of tones that brings in energy and the type alto vocals that it seems you don’t get to hear often these days. Don’t be mistaken, riffs from guitarist Jason Rochester and Wyatt Williams are as good as they come and the baritone backing vocals make the lyrics feel very full. This is exactly what you expect from a band who begins their bio with a tale from “Another world, another time…”


    The Deilselbeast album tells tales, something I miss from much of the heavy metal music I hear today. “One Thousand Bloody Nights” is a great example of this. “They ride tonight, with fires burning bright, as they set ablaze the woods across the glen” tells the story of a warrior taking matters into his own hand to fight against the enemy. Driven by beats from Rogan Naples, that are simply on point, to bring this song from what could be just a dark tale to something that keeps you banging your head along with the story.


   “When Madness Walks the Streets” displays the bass played by Carrek Coleman in an intense way, as well as an addition of the evil laughter that begins the story with elements of melody and screams. This was one of my favorites from the album. It starts slow but quickly changes and it was over before I was ready for it to be. It’s a full length song, I just enjoyed the “dance in the Chaos dream” too much to want it to stop.


    A well put together album, I was impressed by the craft and imagery put into the songs. Often you hear bands talk of putting their stories and experience into the music but Dieselbeast creates a new world for their listeners, and escape from normal experience, weaving short stories and imagination into power chords and dangerous sounding riffs, filled with drums that don’t just keep a time but take us down a path through dark and glorious woods of fiction and mystery. It’s all about the journey and this one is filled with sorcery, heroes and gods. This is a world we all need to visit from time to time and I plan on going back. If you miss those bands of old whose theatrical stories kept you going, you need this in your life, and if you’re too young to remember those times… You need this in your life.


    Check out the music yourself, as well as other goodies, at their Online Store and see what I mean. Meet me in the “Realm of the Space Queen” and heed the “Call of the Sorceress” along with those who already know them. If you’re anything like me, with a flair for the fun and fictional, you can also follow their story on Facebook to see what they’re coming up with next!



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