kickstarter: Local Rockers Looking for Some Karma

PITTSBURGH – PENNSYLVANIA: Local hard rock band, After the Fall, knows a thing or two about giving back. They’ve donated their time and efforts, have helped raise money, and even have their own charity, Rock for Life, which helps local children who are in need of life saving medical procedures. They’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, with no signs of stopping anytime soon, but as of late, it is the guys in After the Fall who find themselves looking for charitable contributions, in the way of their recent Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, which they started to help with the costs of recording new music and shooting a music video (their first), runs until the beginning of May, and offers backers some very unique rewards and opportunities in exchange for helping to support the local rockers’ ambitions of releasing new music.

Three time consecutive winners of the “Best Rock Band” category (2014-2016) in the Iron City Rocks’ Pittsburgh Music Awards, After the Fall has spent the better part of a decade making a name for themselves amongst the Steel City’s burgeoning music scene. Founded in 2004, by members Matt Ferrante and Steve Craven, After the Fall has seen some lineup changes over the years, but are still going strong. With two albums released over the past three years (2014 EP and My Confession), one of which won “Album of the Year” from the Pittsburgh Music Awards, the guys feel that the time is right to record and release some of the new material that they’ve been working on. Lead vocalist and guitarist Doug Carnahan felt that this time, they might turn to a different method of raising the funds necessary to accomplish their goals. “We’ve seen other bands have much success with the Kickstarter platform”, says Carnahan. “We thought we might as well throw our hats into the ring of crowd funding as well.”

Comprised of members Doug Carnahan (vocals/guitar), Matt Ferrante (drums), Steve Craven (bass), and Zac Shepard (guitar), After the Fall has been around, albeit with different lineups, since 2004. They’ve put out a handful of albums throughout the years, and have dozens of accomplishments and accolades to their collective name. What they’re the most proud of, however, is their charity organization, Rock for Life. Rock for Life is a series of concerts, held throughout the year, that help to raise money for local children who are in need of life saving medical care, but who are, all too often, confronted with medical expenses that they just can’t afford to manage. Rock for Life is on it’s 18th year of helping local families with their medical expenses, which often comes as a surprise to drummer and Rock for Life co-founder, Matt Ferrante. “When we started this” he says, “we didn’t really have any big expectations, we just wanted to use our talents to help out those who are less fortunate than ourselves.” Rock for Life has done just that and then some, as many local families and children have benefited from the talents and kindness of many local acts over the years.

After years of helping others, the guys in After the Fall are now the ones who are looking for a little help from their friends. Their recent Kickstarter campaign, which kicked off a little over a week ago, is their lifeline to recording their latest material, and to shooting a music video for one of their newest songs, “New S.A.”. Although their last two albums have been self funded, After the Fall decided to go the crowd funding route this time around for a few different reasons. One of those reasons is to give their fans a chance to be a part of the recording process, and even a chance to be in the music video that they’re hoping to shoot with the money that’s contributed. “One of the rewards that we’re offering is a featured spot in our music video” says Carnahan of the campaigns rewards. “There are also some other really great rewards on there, ranging from a copy of the new song and video, to an electric guitar that’s autographed by the entire band.” Indeed, there are some great chances to snag some cool stuff from their Kickstarter, but there’s also the satisfaction of helping out a band who’s members have spent years doing just that for their communities and for those in need. “We’re genuinely hoping that we can get some of the support back that we’ve given out over the years” Carnahan explained. “It’s all about karma. We believe that what comes around goes around, and that even if you’re not a fan of the music, if you believe in the good that we’re trying to do in this world, that you’ll find it in your heart to donate to our campaign and help us bring our new music to life.” This is one instance where karma coming back around might not be a bad thing after all.

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